Whats the news? PIZZA!

Bartolottis pizza is a brand new resturant of the small town of cottage grove. Cottage Grove hardly ever gets any new buisness or resturants so this place is kind of a big deal for the citizens of the small town. A man that goes by the name Krusty said "Bartolottis is like the sun to this town without it there wouldent be any real pizza around here within a 50 mile radius and I know my people in this town love pizza." Krustys right there is nothing better than a good pizza.

The resturant has many amazing and unique flavors! My personal favorite is the "Classic White" which is a pizza with 5 unique cheeses on it that all blend together perfectly. The resturant also sadly has some not so good flavors like "The Homestead" which has clumps of spinach and onion.:

The Resturant is located on main street with an amazing sign!:

The Top 3 Most bought Pizzas This Month:

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